15 Spices That Help Women Lose Weight Better Than 50 Minutes Of Gym

Source: Synthesized 

Spices are an indispensable part of every kitchen. But you may not know that some spices not only make your dish more attractive – they also help you get the slim body you desire.

Mix up a delicious smoothie for an active day, add a little special spice to it and to your favorite dishes, and you'll realize that weight loss has never been so simple!

1. Onion

They’re not only a familiar food in the kitchen! Onions can also help you lose weight effectively. Elements in onion including potassium, chromium, selenium and vitamin C help stabilize blood sugar, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, and limit the risk of certain types of cancer. The chromium in onions helps burn stored fat, and the selenium is good for your skin, nails and hair.

2. Red Chili

This is one of the most effective spices for weight loss. Chili powder contains capsaicinoids that can help you lose weight at twice the normal rate. They increase energy consumption of the body and make you eat more slowly, and thus eat less.

Studies show that eating foods containing capsaicinoids can help you limit your intake of fatty foods.

Red Chili are indispensable in Korean kimchi

3. Cinnanmon

 The aroma and taste of cinnamon comes from cinnamaldehyde, which lowers total cholesterol, "bad" cholesterol and triglycerides. It also  boosts metabolism, reduces appetite, helps you lose weight fast. Cinnamon also contains polyphenols, antioxidants which help protect the body from certain diseases caused by oxidative stress from free radicals.

Sprinkle a teaspoon of cinnamon on your smoothie, in tea or coffee, or sprinkle it on breakfast cereal or your favorite salad.

4. Black pepper

Did you know that black pepper is one of the best weight-loss spices? That's because pepper contains piperine, an active ingredient that can block the formation of fat cells. This means that black pepper not only burns calories, but also helps regulate cholesterol levels in your body. 

Sprinkle pepper into your grilled salmon dish, and enjoy this wonderful taste

5. Dandelion

You can drink dandelion tea in or between meals to lose weight. This herb tea can be used in cooking to add new flavors and reduce fat and cholesterol in the body. Dandelion tea improves digestion by stimulating gastric secretions.

6. Mustard

Mustard contains many valuable nutrients and is extremely low in calories. Spicy mustard helps make you feel full, limiting your appetite. In addition to reducing fat and helping to keep your body slim, eating mustard also can prevent stomach diseases and improve sleep.

Eat a small spoonful of mustard with vegetables, fruits and other weight-loss foods to increase their efficiency.


7. Turmeric

Used in traditional Indian cuisine, turmeric is also one of the best weight- loss spices. Unlike other spices that support weight loss based on your metabolic effects or by interfering with blood sugar metabolism, Turmeric works directly with your liver and helps it store less fat.

Turmeric powder is the main ingredient in the famous Indian curry.

8. Cumin and cumin seeds


These are found in many traditional herbal remedies that help relieve stress. Cumin is rich in phytosterols, chemicals which can inhibit the absorption of bad cholesterol and help eliminate triglycerides (fats which account for 95% of the daily fat we consume in the diet) from the body. Cumin is very effective in keeping your blood sugar stable, limiting hunger and increasing your body’s metabolic rate to help you lose weight.


9. Ginger

Gingerol and shogaol in ginger help promote faster breakdown of fat and act as a natural fat-suppressant. Gingerol reduces the amount of cholesterol in the body to help reduce fat and belly fat. Ginger is a hot substance which, when exposed to the skin, will produce heat. This heat generates increases fat breakdown, helping the body burn excess fat.

10. Galic

Garlic contains allincin, an antibiotic that also has the ability to effectively suppress appetite. Garlic stimulates the nervous system to release the hormone adrenalin, which increases metabolism and prevents deposition on fat layer under the skin.

11. Mint

Mint is an herb that can help calm one’s appetite. Mint leaves stimulate digestive enzymes that promote metabolism and help burn a significant amount of fat, which helps you lose weight quickly. You can also use regular mint tea to help your digestive system work better.

If you want to lose weight, simply add fresh mint leaves to smoothies or your favorite salad.

12. Lemon

 Lemons keep your body in working condition based on the large amount of vitamin C they contain. Lemons help you burn fat, excess calories and toxic sugar to help you reduce abdominal fat more easily. If you drink lemonade before breakfast, you reduce hunger, stimulate digestion, and promote metabolism to assit with effective weight loss.

8. Rosemary

Rosemary is a well-known and widely used culinary herb. Fresh or dried rosemary can be added to soup, sandwiches, salads, and even to make the savory oils. Rosemary is a rich source of lipase, an enzyme that breaks down fat molecules. In addition, rosemary also contains fiber that prevents absorption of fat as well as help you feel full longer. Therefore, using rosemary will help you lose weight and burn belly fat faster.

14. Coriander

Besides enhancing the taste of various dishes, coriander is also a rich source of fiber, vitamins A, C, E, K, B-9 (folate), calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium. Eating more coriander can reverse the yo-yo dieting effect. The flavonoids in coriander encourage body cells to burn fat rather than store it, which helps you lose weight effectively.

You will get the greatest benefit if you eat coriander raw or drink coriander juice.

15. Green tea 

Green tea contains protein and is rich in vitamin C, A, fiber, iron. In particular, the catechins in green tea stimulate your metabolism to burn calories faster and reduce the formation of new fat cells to help you lose weight and maintain a lean body. The high levels of antioxidants in green tea help fight the negative effects of ultraviolet light, and help keep your skin looking fresh. In addition to drinking green tea, you can sprinkle green tea powder on foods like smoothies and lattes.

You can also make green tea ice cream, cake with matcha powder, or use it to spice up some dishes.